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ProcessPractices offers each member a collaborative way to view and share process-based information.

There is standard content in a limited set of sub- processes already existing in areas like general management, finance, supply chain, sales and marketing, human resource and IT. Members can view best practices, case studies, relevant resources, performance metrics, process challenges and risks/controls in each area.

Members can also add their own content to share publicly or privately in any of the existing processes or to any other process in the ProcessPractices system. This creates an environment to use the platform to read, document and share process-based business intelligence. Members can view, edit or delete their content any time. Creating a private Share Network is easy to do so private content can be shared with a small subset of the member base, or member content can be publicly available to the full network of system subscribers.

Members can also view the profiles of other members so they may build a strong network of professionals with like interests and areas of expertise. Members can update their profiles anytime with ease.

Most of all, ProcessPractices is free of charge. Just register and use it for knowledge and sharing! Share it with others to grow the value of the network to you and to other process-oriented professionals.